Friday, February 8, 2008

Please, Query Letter, Write and Send Yourself!

Realized I'm avoiding querying the last of 4 publishers who might consider my interview book. I have "outed" my reasons for stalling, and here they are in all their glory:

1. Mercury is retrograde; I'll write the query after Feb. 19 when Mercury goes direct.
2. That's the last press on my list. I'm afraid I'll get torpedoed and won't recover.
3. Their manuscript review process can take up to a year -- they said so. Who wants to wait for a year to hear yes or no? Better to have the manuscript sit for a year in a file drawer.
4. They might say no to the query, as the last 3 publishers did, and I am not in the mood (in mid-winter) to hear "no" right now.
5. I'll have to research and find more publishers and that is dull, hard work that no one appreciates.
6. If it's accepted, I don't have another book manuscript ready and will have to work on one.
7. I'm having to face facts and I just hate that.
8. Why risk failure by trying?

This query is haunting me. Seems my creativity is going into making up excuses, so I'd better just write it and get it over with.

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