Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Big-Screen Kindle Unveiled Today

NYT reports today that has unveiled a larger-sized Kindle reading pod -- looks like about 8.5 x 11 inches, screen 9.7 inches -- and will sell it this summer for $489. Wisely they have realized that there's a market for BIGGER AS WELL AS smaller electronics -- you know, like those foot-long, big-button TV remotes for old people? Well, everyone gets older. . .and everyone still likes to read. . .and $489 won't get you very many brand-new hardback books. More precisely, $489 gets you 17-3/4 hardback books at $27.50 each. (And where in your house is there room for them?)

The new Kindle DISPLAYS PDFs (the Kindle 1 didn't) and holds 3,500 books.

Discussing Kindle with people, I sometimes fail to mention buyers get the "wireless" component of it free. Amazon assumes you'll make it up by downloading books. They're correct.

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  1. Dear Catherine,

    Just bookmarked your blog and read all the posts appearing on the front page. Useful and interest material. I'm sure your readers thank you.

    I agree with you, the model of the tortured artist has to go out the window (toss! toss!) not just individually, but as a society, in order to move the arts forward in the way they deserve.

    When this happens, the arts and individual artists (in whatever discipline) can produce and contribute and enjoy in the way this activity is capable of.

    I'm impressed that you are versed in Kindle. If you have one, I'd love to get a tour.

    Janet Riehl