Friday, February 5, 2010

Does This Author Photo Make Me Look Fat?

A few less-than-ideal author photos, female: novelist M.J. Rose, Denise Levertov choking on something (I couldn't find that photo of her in the striped jersey top!); Sheila Lukins in see-through blouse.


  1. Curious what's wrong with the Rose shot or the Lukins?

  2. A see-thru blouse on a woman that age is unseemly, and alas it does look white-trashy.

    Ms. Rose has had her hair freshly dyed blonde and salonned in a youthful, face-hiding style, and is wearing a turtleneck and all black to hide an aging chin and figure, and in general looks pathetically like an older woman trying every which way to look young and sexy.

  3. Wow you don't sound healthy at all to look at those pics and see those things.