Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Easy Stuff

Frequently asked questions about manuscript submissions, answered:

Q: Where should I put the page numbering on my manuscript? A: Top right. That's where editors look.
Q: I can't figure out how to turn off the thing that puts a "1" on Page 1. A: Either look it up in Help, or don't worry about it. Your main concern should be perfecting the creative work you are sending.
Q: Should I include the exact word count? A: For book manuscripts, definitely yes. For shorter works, look up the publisher's guidelines for submissions and do what they say.
Q: Should I put a "c" in a circle on the first page of my manuscript to indicate that I am claiming copyright? A: You can, but to editors it has long signaled that the author fears that her work will be stolen by the same people to whom she has sent it. Does that make sense? If you are still worried, see the blog entry below on "Top Four Questions."

Writers should have peace of mind, not nerves and worries, regarding formatting. Nerves and worries are in fact backed-up creativity that has become poisoned with fear.

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  1. Thanks for the always-helpful comments.

    Oh, and just in case you were feeling shy about self-promotion, I also wanted to say kudos on being the featured poet in the St. Louis Beacon! http://www.stlbeacon.org/content/view/104363/72/