Wednesday, March 18, 2009

News: 6 Samples of Video Poetry

Poets & Writers sent me a link to six samples of "video poetry." Yes, the day has come: video poetry. Check it out. Thylias Moss, if that name rings a bell, contributed two of them.

They look like YouTube videos. The best part is the poetry, if you can hear it (some poems are barely audible). The worst part is the visuals.

Video poetry is not very good yet. It's like those 1970s paintings that include the painters' "poetry" scribbled on the canvases. Like painters who write flaky poetry, writers are using flaky video images: blurry, trippy, "haunting" or surreal. I like it best when I can watch the poet reading his poem.

I sense that video poetry, to be appealing, will have to be short. I found I couldn't wait 4 minutes and 50 seconds for a poem. I wanted my poetry fix.

"Poetry is a mere drug, Sir." --George Farquhar, 18th-century playwright

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