Sunday, January 17, 2010

Writer's Bio: The Three-Line Template

The default bio, the one most editors ask for and that you read at the back of literary journals, consists of three sentences:

Writer X is a ________________________________. He is a graduate of ___________________________. His work has appeared in _________________________, ____________, and __________________, and is forthcoming in ______________.

This is the basic bio, the little black dress of bios. And sometimes more may be called for. Maybe you are right to want to toot your own horn just a little more. So....coming up next.....the Bio with Significant Accessories.


  1. You've hooked me (again). This time with this "bio series"! Can't wait to read the accessorized version.
    Like Julia, I have many bios on hand. I hardly ever wear the basic black dress.
    I generally turn to the bios page for good reading, before I read the collection of work. My favorite, from years ago, was a male poet who simply reported, "I recommend the chili." Yes, that was his entire bio. The cleverness of that would be evident if I could recall his name; but that is my fault, not his.

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