Wednesday, April 7, 2010

O Bitter, O Sweet!

O Bitter! Very best unpublished poems rejected by a print litmag called Rattle which I admire enough to subscribe to, and wanted to be in. They didn't take even 1. Well, that cut me down to size...

O Sweet! My poem "Hide and Sex" published as a poem of the day here at Janet Riehl's blog

O Bitter! The end of a job very important to me.

O Sweet! Publication date of Meet Me: Writers in St. Louis, April 9 -- in two days!
and, O really, really sweet! Everybody's support and suggestions, even a tupperware full of vegetables! How can I ever thank you?

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  1. Hi Catherine - I got rejected by Rattle too. Their recent sonnet issue was so good.

    Congratulations on your St. Louis book. I love that you're such an advocate for your city and the writers in it. Katy