Friday, April 2, 2010

A Portfolio? Me?

Until now I hadn’t thought of putting some of my work together into a portfolio, the way other professionals do. But of course I should.

Decided the portfolio should show the range of what I can do, emphasizing what I think most marketable: articles, grant applications, web content, and book-proposal packages sent to agents, including synopses, marketing analyses, and those carefully crafted cover letters that “hook” the agents into wanting to see my manuscript. (I’d deleted practically all of them, because I was ashamed that six months of hard work hadn’t hooked me an agent!) Include also my favorite blog entries, at least one book (prepare to give it away), testimonials from clients, and letters I got in the mail saying I had won a prize. Plus a resume and a full CV.

How to put it together? Tuck the writing samples into sheet protectors which then fit into a normal three-ring binder. In the back of the portfolio I have everything again, in duplicate, in case someone wants my originals to present, say, to a hiring committee. Now I am ready to grab my portfolio and chase down some writing or editing work. -- And you know what? Having the thing gives me confidence!!!

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  1. I have been doing this for years, especially to display my marketing and advertising work back in my corporate life. I bought a big artist's portfolio and included all sorts of promotional materials I had a hand in, in addition to newspaper articles, magazine features, mailings, letters of praise, etc. It makes interviewing so much easier when you've got some props to lean on!