Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Beginning

The story of this picture: These are the Guilty Pleasures authors, the Doves, my writing group from 2000 to 2007. We got a book accepted in 2002 and published in spring 2003. In August of 2002 we had a group author photo taken. We fooled around with all sorts of different "guilty pleasures" props (tiaras, etc.) and were inexperienced enough to choose as our jacket photo a more serious one than this, but this remains my favorite. The original is indeed in black and white -- remember, I think all book-jacket photos should be black and white! Left to right: Patti Smith Jackson, Jane Holwerda, me, Cathy Luh, Holly Silva, Karen Hammer, Sue Caba and Laurie Vincent.

This blog has been moved to classier quarters: the Sanity Bubble at I'm still posting there! Every visit, every comment, is an honor for me. Go there, be confident, and take care of yourself, because....

. . .you are fate's finest instrument.


  1. Thank you, CLR.

  2. Catherine,
    I will miss your posts. I'm sure I will see you at literary events.

  3. Really?! Oh, Catherine. I'm going to miss this site. Very much.

    Well, I'll see you around. Perhaps I'll be toting a gun next time, myself. :-)

  4. So glad I know you, Catherine.


  5. Thanks, Catherine!
    Paul David Adkins

  6. Catherine, I discovered your blog only last year--have really, really enjoyed it. Hope you will leave up your old posts for a long time so we can all continue to dig up good stuff and newcomers will find it too. Best wishes.