Sunday, September 12, 2010

You Never Know...

When the money or spirit gets low I begin to lose my trust in the universe or whatever gave me the desire to write and some talent. I know it does not give these things and then fail to support you. But things bottomed out about a week ago: Unpleasant bills and notices arrived. My Internet was down for four days. Doctor visits left my arms tracked up like a junkie's. I was draggin' my wagon (and people would have said to me, "Why the long face?" had I bothered to raise my eyes from the pavement). And then in the space of a few days almost everything changed:
  • More work -- four almost simultaneous requests -- came my way!
  • Internet connection repaired!
  • Awesome financial news!
  • Good health report!
  • Pushcart Prize nomination (my first, I heard about it yesterday) for a poem to appear in November in the annual Kansas City Voices
  • Gift of bagful of pears direct from a tree!
O me of little faith!


  1. Congrats on the Pushcart Prize nomination! One never knows what's just beyond...

  2. Wow! Hooray! and congrats on the Pushcart nomination!

    You are appreciated and loved beyond what you know, Catherine.

  3. Catherine, that's great news! Funny how things can turn around overnight.