Friday, March 26, 2010

Mark Twain/Mississippi-Themed Poetry or Prose

Chesterfield (MO) Arts seeks poets and prose writers to enter its writing contest. Deadline is April 16. Adults (over age 26) and youth (ages 16-25) can submit poetry or prose about Mark Twain, his fictional characters, the Mississippi Valley region. . . details are here. Entry fee $15.

Recently I judged an essay contest with a similar theme, run by a different organization. Only eight writers entered. After thinking about it, I think the theme is too well-worn to appeal to literary writers -- What HASN'T been written about Mark Twain and his world? And why bother to lift a pen when HIS writings are still the best? -- and casual or student writers wouldn't lift a pen if they had to read stuff before they wrote stuff. But let's hope I'm way off base and that you have written some literature that has just been waiting for its chance to shine.

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