Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Schedule: Days 5 , 6 and 7

Thursday, June 3: About 2 p.m. I plop down into a place at home I don't normally write in, and write prose for two hours. I realize I do need to change places now and then, and that I require a computer that boots quickly, because once I am ready to write I'm impatient to start.

Friday, June 4: Half the day, great pleasure. Cheered by lunch with writer friend at a groovy new venue. Errands and exercise are joyful. Differences threaten another friendship. I try hard to tell myself it's not my problem, to distract myself, to cage and tame my feelings, to put it in perspective next to the Gulf oil spill. But I'm overwhelmed and I don't write. Up much of the night reading Puddn'Head Wilson.

Saturday, June 5: St. Louis Writers Guild holds a poetry-writing workshop outdoors at the Botanical Garden, 10 a.m. to noon. About 20 people met, heard some poems, then separated and each went off to sit alone and write, and then met again to hear the results of our exercise. Interesting and entertaining. It is an exercise in hope.

I have found a rigid writing schedule to be intimidating, and it is not for me at this time. But trying to adapt to it, I assembled and sent out a chapbook, wrote some prose and some poetry, mailed out some poems, and astonished myself by registering for a course that is waaaay out of my comfort zone: Adult Beginner Ballet.


  1. Adult Beginner Ballet - as in the dancing kind of ballet? I'm so jealous. Let me know how that goes. When I was little I always wanted to be a ballerina. :-) Good for you with all that you accomplished! I didn't get to stay for the results of the SLWG workshop, but I do "hope" to get something written from what I observed.

  2. Results were delightful, once we got people to read (I volunteered to go first, it was the least I could do for the workshop). There were four or five participants who were totally new to STLWG and we all tried hard to explain to them how great it was to join.

  3. I suppose some would say I have a rigid writing schedule, because I write so much. I think we must do what we have to do, though. It is good to have the down-time, to get ideas and inspiration.

    I have always found writing inspiration while exercising. Dancing sounds like a natural, and you have the perfect ballerina's build!