Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When a Writer Leaves Stories Behind

My late husband, Robert H. Kneib, wrote fiction and nonfiction, and published two essays (one, "My Last Great Reading Binge" nominated for a Pushcart Prize) during his lifetime. But I always liked his short stories, was sorry they never found a publisher, believe he quit trying too soon. I thought Bob's fiction had vanished along with his computer, but in cobwebby boxes in the garage, I found hard copies; he had kept all manuscripts which had workshop comments on them. Re-reading for the first time in ten years, I see that two of the five extant stories are excellent, and one nearly so; for these, successive drafts exist, showing ever-higher levels of polish. Only now has it occurred to me that they ought to be published and shared.

First I thought to set up a blog. But considering there are two excellent stories of significant length, a fiction chapbook would be ideal. Fiction chapbook competitions exist. I will see if being a living author is always a requirement. Failing that, nothing stops me from publishing such a chapbook myself.

While I consider what to do, I'm typing up the stories, digitizing, so that his best work may survive him.


  1. What a wonderful way to honor his memory!

    I believe you found them at just the right time. He wanted you to be the one to do it.

  2. Truly, a parting gift. You should certainly publish it.

  3. I'm sure he would love that you honor him in that way.

  4. It's uncanny, on this my 44th wedding anniversary, I should find your discovery
    of Bob's writings. Absolutely. Do what you need to do to publish them. I can feel him smiling from above, on both of us.