Thursday, July 15, 2010

Calls for Submissions: Poetry

Verbatim from Facebook: "Call for female writers located in St. Louis, MO! Bad Shoe is our region's only lit mag devoted to female writers in the St. Louis area. Please send poetry (2-5 poems) or prose. Send your work, pasted into the body of an email with your contact info, to We look forward to reading!" (Note: I had thought Bad Shoe, when I bought its first issue, with its handsewn binding, in a basement a year ago, was a flash in the pan. Apparently it's doing just fine.) Deadline July 23.

Missouri or Kansas poets: Get your work carved in stone along the Riverfront Heritage bikeway/walkway in Kansas City and win $100. Missouri and Kansas poets are invited to submit 3 poems of not more than four lines each; they are EMPHATIC about sending three poems and only three poems max. No fee to enter. See contest guidelines; they want certain subject matter. They want submissions by email. Deadline Sept. 15.

Love and good luck, Catherine

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  1. Initially, I was leery of Bad Shoe, being homemade and all, but then when I got to know the creators (Pam Garvey, Colleen McKee, many others...), and when I saw who else was contributing, I was impressed. That said, I am in the last issue. I think it's awesome--very specialized and not something that is mass-produced and vastly available. Issues of Bad Shoe are the kind of thing that could be a real collector's item, especially if any of us should get famous. :-) They do a lovely job and the writing is top-notch.